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PS 5.50 flipament
  botste, Mar 20 2011

anyone up for a flip? Got the ticket from the reload bonus

$5.50 flip
- Enter my Club ID number: 370621
- Enter my Invitation Code: flipitbabe

edit: flip done, won it

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Demonoid Invite
  botste, Oct 30 2008

Hope someone can help me get one, thx in advance!

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  botste, Mar 20 2007

Played some poker online today, but i closed the lobby without viewing the amount of hands. Played 12 tables 10NL and 2 freerolls, because i can. holla!

Online bankroll:
185 + 50

+ $61

$ 246

Last friday i played live again and lost like 1.5 buyin nothing special. Played a bit overaggressive at some times which isn't really necessary.

Live bankroll

- $28

$ -28

Non poker related stuff: just finished my 2nd day at my new job today and hope they will gimme some more assignment tomorrow.... haven't been that busy today.
Tomorrow a date with a german chick who i met when i was vurrrrry drunk last thursday. I hope that see looks as good as i thought see did, we'll see if the a surpise will be pleasant or not!



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